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Finally in modern day, an archaeological expedition finds a bizarre perfect cubic room in a mountain in Colorado, when they are attacked by a mysterious group of armed men. Fortunately, they are saved by a National Underwater and Marine Agency agent named Dirk Pitt, who is able to bring them to safety and capture one of the enemy agents who had been masquerading around as one of the archaeologists. Unfortunately, the agent is found and killed shortly after while in custody. As the story progresses, the plot splits off in several directions with a group of NUMA agents searching for evidence of the ancient culture on an isolated island, some researchers trying to decipher the ancient language and threats of doom, and the eponymous hero searching for the old vessel in the arctic, and through the discovery of the cause of the demise of the ancient civilization and failed attacks on both search teams by a strike team on the island and an advanced WWII era U-Boat in the Antarctic, the agency discovers that it may be in for one hell of a fight.

Eventually tracing the attacks back to a fleet of superships and a corporate empire formed after the fall of the Third Reich and led by what would appear to be the cloned Aryan offspring of Hitler, they realize the group's intentions: to ride out the apocalypse and repopulate the Earth under the rule of the Fourth Reich. This confounds NUMA as they discover that the legend of a returning comet is in fact not a threat and that the Fourth Reich plans on starting the end by using nanotechnology to sink the Ross Ice Shelf, reversing the poles and flooding the planet.

Through a journey across the ice, the commandeering of Admiral Byrd's famous ice crawler, a meeting with Cussler himself, and the climactic battle for a Nazi base in an ancient city, the group of agents is able to barely save the world and doom the antagonistic Wolf family to certain death. After a final battle with what remains of the Fourth Reich which leads the groups plane through the streets of D.

This was certainly an excellent book in the fact that it had an amazing plot and even more so in the sense of a more than complete backstory of events. Every part of the plot is just fantastic: the extremely consise descriptions of the Amenes civilization, the Nazi ark fleet and plans to sink the Ross Ice Shelf, and even the subplot of the Wolf family being the genetically modified clones of Hitler all lead to a fantastic journey.

Despite some overdone and occasionally unrealistic writing styles, this story is still fascinating and a must for anyone looking for a good action-packed, end of the world, Nazi fighting thrillride. Jan 02, Annette mathews rated it did not like it Shelves: lackluster , gryffindor-mmp-challenge. My colleague lent me this book. So I am glad that I did not spend any money for this book. There were times when I just wanted to cheat by skipping a few pages ahead but then decided against it since I knew the ending wont be any different either.

It was so dragging and the thing which pissed me off so much was the continual praise of the hero by the author. The authors should make the re "Expectation leads to disappointments" I am not disappointed since I didn't have any expectation for this book. The authors should make the readers to fall in love with the characters be it a protagonist or an antagonist ,sadly that was not the case here View all 4 comments. Aug 29, Jeff rated it it was amazing. Great book - Could not put it down! Great take on the legend of Atlantis. Cussler's action sequences are very fun and makes you wish the whole book was all action.

His villains are always scary enough to respect them, and the tension toward the deadline of the end of the world builds perfectly. Apr 09, Paris Reynolds rated it it was amazing.

What a thrilling plot! Civilizations under ice, Nazis, city sized ships and all the fantastic action found in any of Cussler's books! This was a top 5 of the series for sure.

View 1 comment. This one is showing it's age - originally published in - what with the 'recent' crowning of Charles of Britain after Elizabeth II's abdication. The technological gadgets and machinery sound completely plausible. Especially the computer directed flight through South American mountains by the Moller Skycar which is can be seen in today's auto-controlled automobiles and semi trucks.

This one starts with a comet striking the Earth about 9 thousand years ago in the Hudson Bay region of Canada. Th This one is showing it's age - originally published in - what with the 'recent' crowning of Charles of Britain after Elizabeth II's abdication.

Atlantis Found (Dirk Pitt Series #15) by Clive Cussler, Paperback | Barnes & NobleĀ®

The subsequent destruction and devastation literally wiped an ancient sea-faring civilization off the face of the world. Tsunamis to flood the shorelines currently nearly feet lower obliterating any coastal towns as well as burying them under layers of silt and sediment. Earthquakes and volcanoes responding the impact waves which also causes a shifting of the floating crust.

Only a few survivors that managed to be living in the higher elevations and were able to endure in caves prevented the great die-off of humanity and it is from them that the legend of Atlantis supposedly stems. There is a short historical trip to Antarctica with a whaler stuck in the ice brings the ancient culture into more modern times. Which brings us to the main plot. When the nearly indestructible Dirk Pitt makes his legendary last minute rescue of three people trapped in a mine after a sealed room of unknown artifacts and an obsidian skull is discovered.


Investigating the lost artifacts brings Pitt and the lovely professor to the attention of Destiny Enterprises, Limited and the Wolf family who are descendants of Nazis that fled to Argentina after the war. There are re-discovered U-boats which get blown out of existence. Genetic engineering - the current Wolf siblings all eight of them are physically fit, intelligent and strikingly attractive as well as nearly identical. There is a nice twist - the red herring of the twin comets - one of which collided with the Earth wiping out the Amenes civilization and its twin to strike in May of Not going to tell you why its a red herring but that is what the Wolf's are telling recruits and those who discover their plans before killing them.

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And there are a lot of bodies building up before the last confrontation. And it is not just Amenes artifacts that the Wolf's are trying to save. There are also some of the looted treasures confiscated by the Nazis during the war and were never found.

And there are Nazi relics to be found. What Pitt did to the urn of ashes is somewhat fitting. Cussler inserted himself into the book as the crazy rich guy that is excavating Admiral Byrd's Snow Cruiser. Which did exist just as it was written.


I had to investigate further and it was last seen in when scientists dug down to the tire base to see how much snow had falling sine being abandoned. In the mid's a chunk of the Ross Ice Shelf broke off and it is unknown if the Cruiser was on that piece or a piece that broke off in later years.

Typical adventure drama as expected from Cussler's pen. Jan 09, Samie Foster rated it did not like it. A friend in high school was a real book worm. So she gave me three books. Vahalla rising, Sahara and Atlantis Found. And Atlantis Found was lost until spring cleaning came along. Sahara was one too, but seriously the book is erased from my mind for some reason. Now I felt I should have accepted that as a warning and not read it at all.

The book starts out with a couple archeologists who arrive to Pandora mines, where the owner had found a secret ancient shrine.

Atlantis Found

It is a circular room where ancient writings are all over the walls and great black skull is in the center of the room. In the investigation the mine entrance is collapsed and it begins flooding. But to the rescue comes a man named Dirk Pitt who seemed to amazing pop out of no where to save them all. When escaping the mine, the one neatly killed by those mysterious men who want them dead And then again after that, but Dirk always has a plan in the works. This is too stupid to make up. And they attack Pitt and Giordino as much as they can along the way.

It has about the same vibe as a James Bond or Indiana Jones movie. Clearly Cussler likes excitement, fast cars and pretty women because it reflects greatly here. That is an understatement. Dirk Pitt is Mr. Perfect in this novel. He has all the right moves, snappy comebacks and all the women love him. I mean, this character is so unreal where I know he is invincible. Then there was the stuff that happened which was impossible. Such as a car chase between two muscle cars in a busy city, yet amazingly during the chase there is no mention of cars on the road.


How does that work? And then toward the end, when I thought the silliness is over, they have one last impossible scene between an aircraft having a shoot out with SUVs in the busy streets Of Washing DC. Then the plot is entirely laughable. The idea that this shares the same plot as is laughable. We spend four hundred pages on these shrines and then on page four hundred one, it turns out that the Atlanteans were wrong and it really means nothing.

What the hell? The story then jumps to the Nazis making a massive machine to destroy the world. So we just spent four hundred pages on the topic and to throw it out the window. Is he actually proud of this pile of BS?

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

I mean after four hundred pages I wanted to reach into the book and strangle the man. And get this, Atlantis is found. But there only is one line.