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These wafers represent the bread that is eaten during Christian Communion, a time when people remembered that it were these breads because of which Jesus died. In addition to that, in most of the churches white is used as the color of Christmas. In the earlier times, red was used to represent the apples laden on the Paradise tree.

The Colors of Christmas ~ by John Rutter (lyrics in CC)

These apples and their red color represented the fall of Adams. Red is also considered as the color of the Holly berries, which is often used to represent the blood of Jesus who is believed to have died on the cross. In additions to that, red is also the Bishop robes' colours! These must first have been worn by ST. Nicholas which then became the uniform of Santa.

Blue is a significant colours of Christmas, which represents Jesus mother's. In the earlier times, blue dye color was more expensive than that of the gold. And, so only the people from the royal families and kings used to wear blue because they were important people of the whole community.

Why are red and green the colors of Christmas?--Aleteia

We read the Wonder aloud together and shared Christmas traditions. We are surprised at how far back in history the tradition of the colors go.

We were amazed that churches did plays about the stories of Jesus for the people who couldn't read the Bible. We learned what the red and green represented - Jesus' blood and eternal life. Merry Christmas! Greetings, Mrs. Rubin's class, Ms. Kuiper's class, and Mrs. Thank you for sharing all the things you learned with us! I never knew that the roots of red and green dated back so far!

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I absolutely did not know that. I thought it was for candy canes and christmas trees. This is a great discussion. I love wonderopolis! Great wonders on this site I hope everyone enjoys them :. Hi, Maya!

Significance Of The Colors Of Christmas

We're glad you learned something new! Oh my gosh. I didn't know that! I thought red and green were just colors from, like, Einstein or something that people liked to celebrate with. Hi, Jackie! Hi, Wonder Friend! Christmas is a really good traditon the color green stands for the christmas tree and the red is spending time with your family. I always wondered why Christmas was focused on red and green.

To celebrate it we decided to wear a red shirts and green pants. We're glad you learned something new about the Christmas holiday! I think the red stands for Santa's robe or suit and the green stands for the Christmas tree. Well,that's what I think. Thanks for sharing, Konnor! That's definitely one theory! I love this place! I on the other hand do not celebrate it so I loved to know about this! Thank you! Hi, Layan! We're glad you learned something new. It's fun learning about other cultures different from our own! This wonder is great!! I loved learning about this : especially because our neighborhood has recently decided to dress up the trees in many shades of red and green, my favorites being chartreuse and magenta.

Again, thank you!! Thank you for posting,. Hi, Nysa!

That sounds really cool! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas to you, too, Nicole! Thanks for stopping by Wonderopolis!

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