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Recent Events. Published by Severn House, July ISBN: Then a body found on an old boat in Tipner Boatyard further complicates an already perplexing mystery. Agent Eames is cool, blonde and gorgeous. There are many twists as the investigation progresses.

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It seems that everyone that they put in the frame for the murders they find is already serving time. Probing deeper into the lives of those connected with the victims the team uncover secrets in the past that lead them to another unsolved murder. But maybe danger lurks in seeking out the truth of his past. ISBN Synopsis Penguin Australia.

A body is found hanging on a hook above the canals of Amsterdam's old town, a mobile phone forced into the victim's mouth. In a remote coastal village, a doll lies in the ashes of a burnt-down house. But the couple who died in the fire had no children of their own. Did a little girl escape the blaze? And, if so, who is she and where is she now? Inspector Jaap Rykel knows that he's hunting a clever and brutal murderer.

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Still grieving from the violent death of his last partner, Rykel must work alongside a junior out-of-town detective with her own demons to face, if he has any hope of stopping the killer from striking again. Their investigation reveals two dark truths: everybody in this city harbours secrets - and hearing those secrets comes at a terrible price. This is a well constructed thriller, particularly considering it is a debut novel. The novel brings together a trio of detectives whom I presume will be the core of the team for the next: all are flawed in their own way but each is well drawn.

I thought perhaps the action of the final pages was a bit rushed, but there are plenty of openings for the next in the series. About the author. Jake Woodhouse has worked as a musician, winemaker and entrepreneur. He now lives in London with his wife and their young gundog. After the Silence is the first book in his Amsterdam Quartet.

Labels: British reading challenge , book review , e-book challenge , Jake Woodhouse , kindle , NetGalley , new to me authors While the author began with these multiple death cases she also investigated the deaths of individual children, mainly interested in why they happened.

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These cases are dealt with in less detail, and include cases where a father has taken the life of his children, and sometimes his spouse. The chapter on Lindy Chamberlain sets the pattern for those to follow: the background to the case, a description of the main events, why an investigation was conducted and how it panned out, the alternative who who else might have committed the crime , the how how the prosecutors behaved and why- their agenda , the role and influence of the expert witnesses, the inquests, the media influence, comparative cases, and the closure of the case.

Each time the author identifies how expert witnesses had an influence outside their own area of expertise, often in response to the agenda of the prosecutors who were trying to make the facts fit the case they wanted to prove. The author tried hard to be objective and detached in her descriptions and conclusions but she says she recognizes that she became emotionally involved, so horrified was she by what she saw that some children had suffered.

She says too that "beyond the children who have been killed, there are many more victims": the police who have to investigate the cases, the social workers, neighbours and community.

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  • She does point out times where the responsible authorities, whether because of work overload, inexperience, or lack of follow up, did not take action that might have prevented the death of a child. She also considers the role of the media in raising community awareness, helping to identify perpetrators, or searching for missing children. She believes that in most cases, while some of the media has been sensational and wrong in their opinions, the media has acted responsibly.

    The author sees herself as a "seasoned forensic scientist", with experience first of all in the UK and then in Australia, and draws on cases from both countries, believing there is much to be learnt by comparisons. She points out how some cases and their outcomes in the UK have actually led to precedents being set in legal procedures.

    Labels: Aussie author challenge , book review , e-book challenge , kindle , NetGalley , new to me authors , new to me authors , not crime fiction , true crime , Xanthe Mallett. Labels: British reading challenge , book review , e-book challenge , kindle , NetGalley , Pauline Rowson. It fractured his right temporal bone and tore the middle meningeal artery.

    He stumbled and fell face down on the grass. A blow to the back of his neck cracked the occipital bone at the base of his skull. He was struck several times about the left temporal area.

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    His brain ceased to function. Hugh Parsley was dead. The directors of the niche Bucephalus Bank are meeting in a St Andrews hotel.

    One of them is found dead on the golf course. My Take I think this novel suffered by being the second in a "series" where the author decided to change the central detective after the first novel. Unfortunately for her the author has decided to give him a role as a private investigator on Flick's first case as a detective inspector.

    The board of the bank is having a weekend away at St. Andrew's to attempt to resolve a board vacancy and some irregularities. The murder victim is one of the directors. But for me the writing didn't quite hit the mark. The business of money laundering becomes quite complex and involves a shady American bank and some gangster like figures.

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    While Flick Fortune is in charge of the murder investigation, an under cover cop does what he likes with the money laundering investigation. There are some unlikely scenarios towards the end of the story. My rating: 3.

    People v. Horton (1995)

    His writing style is comparable to Christopher Brookmyre. Labels: British reading challenge , book review , e-book challenge , kindle , NetGalley , new to me authors , new to me authors Labels: global reading challenge. He survives the injury and eventually surfaces with a need to know why the murder took place. He is eventually contacted by Laverde's daughter who has collected documents that fill in the gaps. This is an engrossing read with some memorable episodes such as the time in when an aerial display goes horribly wrong. A military review involving a spectacular fly past results in the fiery deaths of over fifty spectators.

    Both this event and the crash of American Airlines are significant in the story and are based on real events. The story also provides an arresting commentary on the part played by members of the American Peace Corps in the establishment of the Colombian drug trade. The novel goes beyond the bounds of crime fiction, into more literary and philosophical areas, into the history of Colombia, and into effects on the current generation of the events of the last 40 years.

    It is also my final title for the challenge. My rating : 4. The first victim is a travelling salesman who deals mainly in gemstones. He was stabbed through the heart first, then beheaded, and at some stage his eyeballs were removed. We see the crime through the eyes of Professor Candido, one of the other hotel residents, who does casual editorial work and works with street children.

    The other residents are regarded by the police as sexual deviants: among them a journalist, a wanna-be actress, a procurer of young girls, a transvestite, and a government political aide who returned to Brazil from Paris during the political amnesty.

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    Each of them is interviewed by the police. Delegado Del Bosco is convinced the murder was an outside job with the assistance of one of the residents.

    DI Andy Horton Crime Novels Published in 2013 Undercurrent and Death Surge by Pauline Rowson

    At first the structure of the novel is almost pure Agatha Christie. There is a body, perhaps more gruesomely murdered than in a Christie. Initially the suspects are all the residents of the hotel including the caretaker and the owner. They are questioned in turn by the police, attempting to determine where they were when the crime was committed.

    Each is asked whom they suspect, the police officer hoping for a confession from someone.