Love Like Lightning

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And as it stands, the widespread adoption of the Lightning Network is the most promising means to get to that end. Dorsey explained that the cryptocurrency is the most battle-tested, and has the strongest principles and value propositions. Elaborating on his thought process, he stated:. It is of the internet. The reason why we enabled the purchasing of Bitcoin in the Cash App is that we wanted to learn about the technology, and put ourselves out there and take some risks.

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Tippin sounds great. Though weak browser extensions especially can offer a great way to break in. This will of course mean careful coding, in combination with enough anti-hubris, and constant, tight monitoring. Great signals so far: big congratulations.

Ask Blockchain Community. What is it that makes it so easy for some couples to find each other while others seem to oscillate endlessly around each other, getting closer, but never actually sealing the deal?

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What is it that makes the circumstances align and all the obstacles fall away? Is it that the people are just ready for love? Or is it that, as my mother said, if you don't have much experience, you just don't know any differently? And yet by the time they were married, she was 26 and he was And while no marriage is easy, they have managed, somehow to stay in love with each other and be there for and support each other all these years. I am likely nowhere near my next love relationship, and certainly a few years away from my next marriage, if I ever marry again. But if I do, I want a relationship like my parents'.

It doesn't have to begin that way, with the lightning bolt when we meet, and maybe, just maybe, I don't even have to "know. When my father's mother died, my mother dropped everything and held him when he cried.

It was one of the few times I've ever seen him cry. He turned to her as if it were the only thing he could do, as if at that moment he could imagine doing nothing else. She held him tightly, protectively, as if both of their lives depended on it. Kathryn M. Peterson happyinmyhead is a freelance writer, editor and dissertation coach.

Names are changed, but the events are real. Bookmark Gray Matters. Previously on 'Split Happens'.

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Safe friendships? And so a pattern emerges: the lightning strikes were getting closer and closer to where he lived. The lightning was following him home. But I have to tell you the truth. When I hear it thunder now, I feel a little shaky.

My Love Strikes like Lightning-- Muddy Waters

In about two seconds, no longer than three, it hits. Too late to hide. Best I can figure is that I have some chemical, some mineral, in my body that draws lightning. I just wish I knew. God, he tried.

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In August , he got in his car and floored it at the first sign of a forming storm cloud. Number five.

The same thing happened again in Sullivan, while surveying a campground, felt that a cloud was following him, and tried to run- but it got him anyway. Sullivan did manage to escape at least one time. A storm appeared while Sullivan and his family were hanging out in his back yard, but the lightning missed him and struck his wife instead. And that changed things.