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I was four. For most people whose sleep problems are linked to mental health issues, seeking help can be life-changing. Many also noted the link between body and mind, finding that improved physical health led to better sleep.

David Andrews, 49, who lives in Hampshire, was among many who praised exercise as a means of improving sleep. Changing the room I sleep in is useful to break a bad sleep pattern. Diet can also have an impact, according to John Watson, 70, from Valencia, Spain.

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Within 10 days I was sleeping seven hours a night easily. And that is continuing. As well as lifestyle changes, bedroom practices and sleep hygiene are also key.

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep? Function, Hallucination, and More

Amy, 28, from Sheffield, struggled with insomnia from the age of 25 to I had to learn how to cope in a world where I may never have a secure job and not let the fear of unemployment ruin my life. Be careful with the food and drink you consume. Seeking long-term solutions, and changing your attitude, is better than turning to drugs, according to Will, 52, from Staffordshire. He used to use sleeping tablets Zopiclone when his insomnia was really bad.

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  • But it is comforting to know that I have some. I have now come to accept that it happens from time to time and simply read for a while in the hope that it will pass. It can be reassuring to remember during bouts of sleeplessness that you will sleep again.

    Man Dies After Going 11 Days Without Sleep: What Are The Health Risks Of Sleep Deprivation?

    Frances Desmond, 30, from Brighton, says she can go about three nights in a row getting around three hours of sleep a night. At the worst points of stress-induced insomnia, I have gone for weeks where I have averaged two to three hours of sleep a night. Predictable insomnia is before exams, and difficult periods at work. Almost everyone agreed that the best way of coping is to try to embrace it.

    How Long Can You Go Without Sleep? Function, Hallucination, More

    Take deep breaths. Topics Sleep Opinion. Unless a doctor says the person needs further treatment, the injured person should sleep and rest.

    A concussion can be caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head or a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. Most concussed people recover quickly and can be treated at home, while others have symptoms that last for days or weeks and need medical attention. For more information on conditions that affect the brain, visit our Neurology Clinic page or make an appointment today.

    Is it safe to sleep if you have a concussion? Sleeping after a concussion If the person who is injured is awake and holding a conversation, you can let him or her fall asleep as long as they are not developing any other symptoms such as dilated pupils or issues with walking.

    If Tomorrow Never Comes - Ronan Keating / Lyrics

    Think you might have a concussion?