Stairway to Heaven

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Malofiy said yesterday that the sheet music was a poor transcription and that the recorded version of Taurus was more similar to Stairway To Heaven.

What do you think?

Malofiy was asked by Judge Andrew D. It should be simple.

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Stairway to Heaven (Remaster)

American Poets Magazine. Poems Find and share the perfect poems. Stairway to Heaven. The queen grows fat beneath my house while drones infest the walls reconnaissance to feed her glut, wood ripped from studs and joists.

Stairway to Heaven (Holiday home), Platis Yialos Mykonos (Greece) deals

My brother sits in the chemo chair another long day of toxic infusion, the house of his body— bones, brain and balls gone skeltering. I sit in my parked car listening to Robert Plant recall how the English envied the Americans for getting the blues, getting all of it, into song.

I remember the dream where brother and sister, adult and equal, lean and white as lilies, as bare, dove into a mountain lake, black water, high elevation, fir trees growing in flood water that had joined two lakes into one. Do you ever dream of animals, I ask him, hospice bed looking out on a plywood squirrel perched on cement block wall. A lilt of surprising joy. What kind?

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Mostly the jungle animals. What exercises?

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I like pacing, he said, immobilized upon his death nest of nine pillows. Then he closed his eyes to become the inward one whose only work was to wear a pathway back and forth within his enclosure. Resurrection My friend a writer and scientist has retreated to a monastery where he has submitted himself out of exhaustion to not knowing. Rolling Stone. Arrow Created with Sketch.

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