The 5th Wave: The Infinite Sea (Book 2)

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Ringer leaves to scout nearby caverns they read about in a brochure. Ringer comes across a 5th waver shot in the woods.

Details – What happened in The Infinite Sea?

She will need medical attention to survive. She submits to incoming helicopters to save Teacup. Cassie tells Sam how their father died. Ben sends Poundcake to find Teacup and wonders aloud why the aliens waited so long to launch their attack. Cassie thinks because they were divided on whether to wipe out the total population and concludes the aliens chose five separate attacks because they hate the human race after years of observation.

They leave Sam locked in a room with a handgun. They make their way through the hotel, checking each room. Cassie rushes back and tackles the perpetrator.

Evan awakes near a campfire to extreme pain. He recognizes Grace, the woman there with him. They knew each other as teenagers. Grace carries Evan back to her cabin and nurses him back to health. He strangles Grace with a wire and leaves. A shot rings out, and Evan knows Grace survived and is in pursuit of him. And that will lead her to Cassie. One night they come under attack. Evan runs, and Grace stays to pick off their attackers off one by one. Evan is in bad shape from trying to move so quickly.

His enhancements are now gone, and he makes it to the hotel by sheer will. He sees Ringer, Teacup, and Poundcake leave the hotel. Evan first comes across Dumbo and chokes him until he is unconscious. When they split up, Ben heads toward Evan. He punches Ben in his wounded stomach and asks where Cassie is. Ben stabs him in the leg. They fight until Evan feels Ben go still. He sees Sam peeking out of a hotel room. Evan kicks down the door and is shot from behind. He had to take care of his three year old brother.

They ran out of food, and he went out searching. When he got home, his brother was gone. He searched for him but never found him. When his mother died, he buried her and then left. He found the school bus and went to train as a soldier but never spoke again. After Dumbo, Ben, and Sam leave the room, Evan wakes up.

Cassie is mad and wonders why he left her at the base and why it took him so long to make it to the hotel. He says he saw Teacup and Poundcake head north.

Ben, Sam, Dumbo, and Poundcake return. Dumbo says it will be a month before Evan is strong enough to travel. Cassie will stay behind with him.

Ben says no, they will all leave tomorrow. The next morning they hear helicopters approaching and then leaving. A young girl appears. Sammy recognizes her as Megan, a girl from the bus. Her throat hurts. They are suspicious.

The 5th Wave

Ben, Sam, Dumbo, and Poundcake leave. Evan says this was done to see whether he is with them. They decide they need to detonate the device remotely to make the aliens think they all died. They can use the CO2 canisters for fountain drinks from the diner and set them at a slow leak in a small space. Evan draws Cassie a map of where they should head.

Dumbo is escorted in the room by Grace. She takes their weapons.

The 5th Wave: The Infinite Sea (Book 2) Book Review and Ratings by Kids - Rick Yancey

Cassie attacks. Grace breaks her nose and throws her to the end of the hallway. Grace shoots Poundcake and then disappears. Cassie runs to the room Sam is in.


Evan says they all have to leave. Grace wants him. They hear a helicopter.

Evan tells them to leave him a gun and to go to the house on the map. He says at the equinox the mothership will send a pod for Grace. If they can figure out a way to rig the pod before it heads back to the mothership, they have a chance at ending this. Cassie wants to head to the safe house, and Ben wants to head to the caverns Ringer was going to scout. Ben collapses under the weight of the injured Poundcake.

They go on without him. Sam realizes he dropped the plastic bag with the device in it. Just then, the hotel explodes. After discovering the bomb in the little girl, Poundcake wonders if his little brother had to endure some cruel fate like this. After they leave, he gets a burst of strength and crawls back to the hotel. He finds the device by the hotel doors.

He finds Grace. He opens up the plastic bag and breathes. Ringer is at a military base, and Vosch comes to visit her one day with a chess set. She wants to know whether Teacup is still alive. Ringer attacks Vosch. Ringer is restrained and sedated. A guy named Razor comes in to bring her dinner and tries to be friendly. Ringer decides to try to build a rapport with him to get information. Vosch comes back later and shows Ringer a video of the farm explosion and insinuates Teacup will be next unless Ringer cooperates. She refuses. One day Razor brings a chess board so she can teach him to play.

The next day he makes up a new game called chaseball. Razor realizes he was sending her messages in the moves of chaseball. The next day, Ringer subtly lets Razor know she understands. Beneath his scruffy beard, his face is the telltale scarlet of fever.