The Geography of Central America and Mexico: A Scholarly Guide and Bibliography

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History: Latin America and the Caribbean

Rumney, now retired, was professor of Geography at Plattsburgh State University. This comprehensive bibliography collection covers the scholarly historical and current titles of the geography of Central America and Mexico. The beginning chapter is a bibliography of the Mexico and Latin American region.

The following chapters are about the specific countries in this region. Each country's information is covered by atlases, books, monographs, chapters, scholarly articles, dissertations, and theses, under the subtitles of cultural and social geography, economic geography, historical geography, and urban geography.

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Many members of my generation counted on this resource. It was usually a book housed in the reference section of the library, or perhaps a faculty member had one and would guardedly share it with graduate students. With the advent of the Internet, however, these types of bibliographies seem to have become less common.

Rumney has assembled a comprehensive collection of geographic references that are germane to Central America and Mexico. The book is organized along nine chapters. Citations non-annotated follow the University of Chicago format, with authors listed first, then the article title, followed by journal, volume, and publication year.

The format is standardized in each chapter by commencing with a section entitled general works, which constitutes atlases and graphic presentations, followed by books, monographs, and texts, scholarly articles and book chapters, cultural and social geography, economic geography, historical geography, physical geography, political geography, and urban geography. Each of these major headings is further subdivided by secondary headings.

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Each other sub discipline in geography has a similar breakdown. By my rough count, approximately journals were covered in this compilation, of which about 12 percent were from non-English sources Dutch, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese; I noticed that most Romance language citations lacked appropriate accent marks. I confess that I probably have not opened more than half of these journals at any time during my career.

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However, they appear to provide a fair representation of topics that will interest both human and physical geographers. In all, I estimate that there are more than 2, citations included in this bibliography that spans contributions from the 19 th century up until recent years.

These procesos , or trials, include such materials as genealogical and property records as evidence in charges of breaches of orthodoxy and sexual misconduct, including blasphemy, relapsed Judaism, witchcraft, superstition, bigamy, and solicitation. The Borderlands are a primary collecting area for The Bancroft Library, which holds manuscripts related to exploration and settlement of the territories from Florida to California.

There are also substantial collections of newspapers from the Revolutionary period, regional newspapers, Central American newspapers and gazettes, and Spanish-language newspapers from the United States. The Bancroft Library has numerous official and personal records related to the Wars of Independence, the Mexican-American War, travel to California for the Gold Rush, the French Intervention, and filibustering activities. Alternative sources include the collection of corridos from the Mexican Revolution and the James Wallace Wilkie collection of oral histories with political leaders of the Revolutionary Period.

The Geography of Central America and Mexico A Scholarly Guide and Bibliography

As with the National period, there are records of U. More recent records include interviews concerning Guatemalan history and politics , the Nicaragua Information Center Records , and the Data Center Records ss.

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The Bancroft Library pictorial holdings on Mexico and Central America include sketchbooks, lithographs, photographs, drawings, stereographs, postcards, and posters. More recent collections include some 1, posters relating to Central American politics in the s and s and the Juan Pascoe Collection of books and ephemera. The Bancroft Library holds the papers and research materials of a number of influential Latin Americanists, including Herbert Eugene Bolton's and George Peter Hammond's research materials on borderlands history, Woodrow Wilson Borah's and Sherburne Friend Cook's research materials on historical demography, Carl Ortwin Sauer's papers and research notebooks on historical geography, Lesley Byrd Simpson's papers on colonial Mexico, and Engel Sluiter's documents related to economic and political history in Latin America.

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Built around The Bancroft Library's manuscript collection, the microfilm collection of manuscripts from foreign archives is one of the largest in the country, capturing documents from archives in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany. Documents microfilmed are largely related to Western North America and the Pacific coast.

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